Wednesday, 26 December 2007

What is Media Planning ?

Media planning is about selecting the most appropriate media platform (or platforms) for an advertising campaign. This involves selecting media which best matches the type of brand that is being advertised as well as the type of consumer audience that would be using that particular type of media at a particular time, and so on.

Up until the advent of the internet, media planning was confined, more-a-less, to media such as TV, radio and print. But media planning has diversified and now covers a broad range of media (including new media such as internet, digital, mobile technology and so on).
Media planning, has also changed, in recent years, in the way that it views its audience (or the brand's audience). Consumers are now, generally, harder to categorize and pin down. This is due to changes in society: higher wages (and increased spending power), better education, and more variance in tastes and past-times, as well as a bigger preference for the acquisition of life experiences over products or 'things',
Media planners work closely with people in advertising. As a result many media planners can be found employed, full-time, by advertising agencies. Most other media planners are employed by media agencies that focus on media planning from one degree to another.

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