Saturday, 29 December 2007

Changes in Media Planning

People, looking for media planner jobs, need to be aware of the changes that have taken place and continue to take place in media planning.

Firstly, changes with consumers.
20 or so years ago society was quite different to what it once was now. Society then was much more static. It was much easier for a media planner, then, to classify people into socio-economic groups. But people now have more money, are better educated and better travelled. It is a lot more difficult for a media planner to work out who the audience is. Also, consumers, now, are more into purchasing life experiences than just mere products.

Secondly, changes in technology.
This is more recent and rapid. The most important piece of technology referred to here is the internet. Others include: mobile, digital and other forms of new media. This is compared to ten or so years ago when the media planner, only (relatively-speaking), had to deal with TV (terrestrial and some pay TV), radio, print and so on.

People looking for media planner jobs, need to be aware of these changes. They need to be able to develop a flexible approach to how they work. They must be interested in new media and in learning and keeping up to-date with continuous developments in new media, in general, as well as learn as much as they can about the advertising and media worlds associated with their work.

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