Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Media Planning - Work Experience

For people looking for media planner jobs, you will greatly increase your chances of finding a decent job as a media planner, if you do some work experience, before applying for jobs. Work experience in media planning would be good but so would work experience in related industries (in particular advertising).
Why work experience?
- Work experience is a great way of learning quickly about the industry (backed up, of course, by research on the internet, books, and by networking with people who already work in media planning). This is useful for employers because they will be able to delegate proper work - sooner - than if you had no work experience.
- Work experience is a good way of finding out whether you really want to do media planning. It is a good way of getting to meet people who work in the industry. They can give you pointers about which companies to apply for (and how to approach them). And you never know, if they like you, then the company you do work experience for might offer you a job right away or at a later date.
- Work experience demonstrates, to possible future employees, that you are interested in media planning and an indication, to some degree, that you would like to commit yourself (it would really need to be at least a couple of years, at least) to this industry (and their company).
-Work experience, in general, is a good way of changing gears from student, into professional, life.
Therefore for people looking for decent media planner jobs, it would be no bad thing to do some work experience before applying.

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